The Best Food in the World Is…

30 Mar The Best Food in the World Is…

Drum roll please. According to Rosa, age 9, the best food in the world is the humble (miraculous) egg.

We are crazy for eggs at my house. We go through about a dozen-and-a-half a week. Rosa’s traditional weekend breakfast is a one-egg omelet on a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel. A hard-boiled egg often makes a lunch box appearance, and one of her favorite dinners is my 15-minute version of shakshuka, known as Saucy Eggs in Real Baby Food. In fact, at least one of our dinners each week generally revolves around eggs, not by design…just because they’re quick, easy, and delicious baked into a frittata, folded into a burrito, or just scrambled and doused with a little Tabasco or Cholula.

When Rosa was born, I was told to hold off on feeding her eggs until she was a year old in an effort to avoid allergies. Today, the advice has changed, and babies can begin eating eggs as soon as they start solids. And, why not? Eggs are unbeatable in terms of nutrition. Just one egg has six grams of protein and vital minerals like choline, essential for eye development. And don’t skip the yolk! Both the whites and the yolks boast stellar nutrition. Most of the protein is found in the white, and the yolk houses healthy fats.

And, compared to other sources of protein eggs are inexpensive, even if you buy cage-free, organic, or pasture-raised eggs like we do. (What the heck do all those terms actually mean? Here is a handy primer.)

While I’m generally averse to “cute” foods, somehow I can stomach it in eggs. In fact, I think these pink bunnies created by the clever folks at Family Fun magazine are downright adorable.

For Parents‘ Valentine’s Day story I showed readers how to make a heart-shaped hard-boiled egg with chopsticks and an egg carton. Full disclosure, it’s slightly tricky, but makes a sweet lunch box addition any time of year. Make sure your eggs are a week old for easy peeling and put them in the carton while they’re still warm.

When I told Rosa that one of my personal chef clients doesn’t like eggs, she literally gasped. I think she feels genuine sadness for my client…she’s missing the best food in the world, after all.

Does your family like eggs? Do you ever eat them for dinner?

Jenna Helwig