Bare Minimum Dinners

If you want to cook more at home, but don’t want to spend all night doing it, or if all inspiration has left the building come suppertime, help has arrived! Bare Minimum Dinners is packed with over 100 easy recipes and shortcuts so you can spend less time in the kitchen while still enjoying delicious meals. Chapters include: Bare Minimum Time (30 minutes or less); Bare Minimum Ingredients (7 ingredients or less, including salt and olive oil); Bare Minimum Hands-On Time (slow-cooker and Instant Pot meals); Bare Minimum Clean-Up (one-pot/sheet pan/skillet meals); and Bare Minimum Sides (super-simple vegetables, salads, and grains so you can feel good about serving healthy, well-rounded dinners). Bare Minimum Dinners understands that the secret to cooking more is actually to do less: to pare back, to embrace some store-bought shortcuts, to eliminate fuss, and, in the process, extra dirty dishes. Recipes include crowd-pleasers like Fish Stick Tacos, Slow Cooker Deep Dish Pizza, Broccoli, and Shrimp Orzo, Kimchi and Pineapple Fried Rice, Crispy Chicken Salad, and Cacio e Pepe Mac ‘n’ Cheese. The book also features produce washing and storage tips, advice for reducing food waste, meal planning strategies, ingredient swaps, and favorite cooking tools and pantry essentials that will help you get dinner on the table at a moment’s notice.

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Bare Minimum Dinners cookbook cover
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The Multi-Cooker Baby Food cookbook cover
Multi-Cooker Baby Food Cookbook

Making your own fresh, unprocessed baby food is as easy as “setting it and forgetting it” when you enlist your multi-cooker—a.k.a., Instant Pot—or slow cooker. The Multi-Cooker Baby Food Cookbook features 100 recipes to nurture your baby’s development and cultivate wholesome family mealtimes. Best of all, making baby food in a multi-cooker or slow cooker gives you the gift new parents need most—time: You simply put the food in the pot, set the time, and walk away. From starter foods to family meals, recipes include DIY staples like yogurt; single-ingredient fruit and veggie purées; finger foods like Purple Sweet Potato Patties, Blueberry Banana Bread, and Chicken Nuggets; and toddler-friendly meals like Cauliflower Mac ’n’ Cheese, Meatballs, and Savory Steel-Cut Oats. All recipes are vetted by a registered dietitian and include nutritional information to help ensure healthy mealtimes.

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Baby-Led Feeding

What if you could skip the tiny jars and pouches of bland baby food in favor of a more natural, flavor-filled, and family-friendly transition to solid foods? Baby-led feeding (also known as baby-led weaning) is just that. Feeding your baby a variety of healthy, wholesome solid foods, rather than relying solely on purees, is thought to promote motor skills and establish lifelong healthy eating habits. With more than 100 ideas and recipes, this bright, photo-driven book includes chapters on the benefits of this approach, when and how to get started, essential safety and nutrition guidelines, frequently asked questions, basic fruit and vegetable prep, more complex finger foods, and family meals. All recipes have been reviewed by a registered dietitian and include nutrition information to ensure a healthy mealtime.

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Slow-Cooker Maple Dijon Pork is a great way to serve meat to baby-led weaning babies. Get the recipe! #easydinnerrecipes #slowcookerrecipes #babyledweaningrecipes #babyfoodrecipes
Real Baby Food cookbook cover
Real Baby Food: Easy, All-Natural Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler

Nothing compares with making your own baby food: it’s fresh and unprocessed, you choose what goes into it, and it is a delicious way to introduce your child to a wide world of flavors. Real Baby Food is a parent’s guide to the all-important first years of eating, from the building blocks of starting your child on solid foods, to how recognize food allergies, and easy ways to cook in bulk. Recipes progress from single-ingredient purées to more sophisticated blends and finally toddler meals and snacks. Most can be made ahead and frozen, many are easily adapted for grown-up tastes, and all include full nutritional information.

” The first food your baby enjoys can leave an imprint for the variety of foods they will love for a lifetime. Real Baby Food is a must for new parents looking for easy-to-prepare baby food recipes, tips and ideas for making your child an excited, adventurous eater for years to come! “

–Catherine McCord, founder and author of Weelicious: One Family. One Meal

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Get baby-led weaning tips and tricks from the cookbook Baby-Led Feeding. #babyfood #babyledweaning
Smoothie-licious: Power-Packed Smoothies and Juices the Whole Family Will Love

A smoothie might just be the perfect family food: an easy and delicious way to get kids and adults alike to eat more healthfully. A blessing for busy parents, they are whipped up in minutes, perfectly portable, and enjoyed by even the pickiest eaters. Smoothie-licious features 75 smoothies and whole-fruit juices that are both healthy and delicious. Kids will love the bright colors and playful names like Peanut Berry Blast and Mexican Frozen Hot Chocolate; parents will love that they feature nutrient-dense seeds, dark greens and fresh fruit, and use no refined sugars. Nutrition information accompanies every recipe and icon note high sources of vitamins and minerals as well as vegan, gluten free, and meal-in-a-glass smoothies. A treats chapter turns smoothies into fun popsicles, slushes, and shakes.

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