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Everything Bagel Kale Chips on Baking Sheet

How to Make Kale Chips

I am always amazed by how much I love homemade kale chips. I have to negotiate with myself (“just two more…okay three”) to keep myself from eating the whole sheet pan’s worth of flavorful, crispy chips. If you’d like to make kale chips at home—and...

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Wicked Fun Halloween Snacks (That Aren’t Sugar Bombs)

Kids LOVE Halloween. Candy! Costumes! What's not to like? I love it too, but what I'm not crazy about is the fact that if kids go to a party or two before the main event, they likely eat so much candy that they crash before they even start trick-or-treating. My solution is to try, try, try to feed Rosa something semi-nourishing before she pounds the pavement. It doesn't need to be a salad, for heaven's sake, just something that isn't 99% sugar. That's why I love the Halloween food in the October issue of parents. It's super-cool looking, but still healthy-ish. Think Turkey Meatball Eyeballs, a Spider Cheese Ball, and Hummus Haunted House Sandwiches (all developed by the very talented Genevieve Ko!).
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