Baby-Led Feeding Cheatsheet

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Baby-Led Feeding Cheatsheet

If you’re practicing baby-led weaning with your little one, you’ll want to make sure that everyone who takes care of your baby is on the same page. Here are some helpful tips for grandparents and caregivers.

  • Baby-led feeding is a growing trend in starting solids. It’s sometimes called baby-led weaning and is becoming more popular both in the UK and the US.
  • When following the baby-led feeding method, parents and caregivers place pieces of food in front of baby. She feeds herself, choosing what and how much to eat.
  • Babies should be in an upright position while eating.
  • Parents and caregivers should ensure finger foods are the appropriate shape and texture to help avoid choking: either the size and shape of an adult pinky finger or cut into small chunks. The texture should be soft, but not too mushy to pick up.
  • Avoid giving baby hard raw foods such as apples and carrots.
  • Always stay with baby while he’s eating.
  • Baby-led feeding encourages independent eating, helps develop hand-eye coordination, and promotes an adventurous palate. Babies explore and have fun!

For more baby-led weaning tips, recipes, and first foods, check out Baby-Led Feeding.

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Jenna Helwig